Business Crime Direct

Welcome to Business Crime Direct. We are an independent non-profit making team located within the Security Industry. We are in a unique position to help all businesses to PREVENT crime, REDUCE the fear of crime and RESTORE public confidence. We do this by:

  • offering free and independent crime prevention and reduction advice
  • setting up Crime Alert schemes to encourage businesses to work together and communicate to combat crime.

Security grants may be available within your area

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Crime Alerts

What is a Crime Alert?

Crime and Disorder have a negative effect on businesses. This leads to:

  • loss of customers by day and night leading to reduced profits
  • loss of investment, leading to empty shops
  • less choice for customers
  • less employment opportunities
  • less attractive shopping areas and poorly maintained streets
  • less busy streets leads to people feeling unsafe
  • difficulties for businesses in obtaining affordable insurance
  • downturn for the local economy and community
A Crime Alert scheme is a crime reduction initiative which brings businesses together with partner agencies to tackle crime and disorder.
A Crime Alert scheme comprises of one or more of the following crime reduction activities:
  • Data Sharing Agreement with the local Police.
  • Radio network linking businesses together
  • Ringmaster automatic information circulation system
  • Photographs Albums and Intelligence sharing (following completion of a signed agreement)
  • Services of a Crime Reduction Manager
  • Exclusion and banning orders
  • Data Sharing Agreements

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Protecting Your Staff In and Out the Office

Basically, it is felt that office is a safe place for work in relation to construction sites and factories and some other workplaces involving machinery and results in accidents. But it is not a complete truth. In fact, according to survey every year many office injuries and compensation claims are recorded.

Office injuries are generally avoidable if relevant safety and health programs are adhered. Many office injuries are the result of inadequate seating arrangement and workstations. As we know, many workers in offices are seated for majority of the day so it is important that they sat in safe and comfortable position.

Billions of pounds are lost every year because of workplace theft and many times it takes long time to realize that something wrong happened. The most difficult part is to identify the person conducting crime because they are well aware about how to hide their misconduct. This kind of offence takes place mostly when the new employee is on temporary basis like supply teachers because in such case work history in depth is not considered. Therefore, it is better to conduct a check on criminal background instead paying for a wrong employee everyday.

Safety of staff also involves protecting them from crimes that take place in the office. One of the way of keeping workplace and staff safe is by checking for criminal background of employees. While hiring employees the goal of the hiring manager is to create a safe working environment. This can be done by carefully examining the reference and resume of the candidate but both can also be faked. Ordering for the criminal background check can be a good method for getting surety that the new employee is good fit and safe to the organization.

The other major consideration is the workplace violence after loss of property and money. In last few years, national media attention is captured by the workplace violence. In most of the cases, it was later uncovered that the employee responsible for such act has a prior record of workplace violent crimes with their colleagues and subordinates. Due to ignorance or unawareness about such work history about the employee can result in worst workplace environment. Criminal background check can alleviate danger of violent crimes from the workplace by ensuring that the candidate is free from such background history.