Business Crime Direct

Welcome to Business Crime Direct. We are an independent non-profit making team located within the Security Industry. We are in a unique position to help all businesses to PREVENT crime, REDUCE the fear of crime and RESTORE public confidence. We do this by:

  • offering free and independent crime prevention and reduction advice
  • setting up Crime Alert schemes to encourage businesses to work together and communicate to combat crime.

Security grants may be available within your area

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Crime Alerts

What is a Crime Alert?

Crime and Disorder have a negative effect on businesses. This leads to:

  • loss of customers by day and night leading to reduced profits
  • loss of investment, leading to empty shops
  • less choice for customers
  • less employment opportunities
  • less attractive shopping areas and poorly maintained streets
  • less busy streets leads to people feeling unsafe
  • difficulties for businesses in obtaining affordable insurance
  • downturn for the local economy and community
A Crime Alert scheme is a crime reduction initiative which brings businesses together with partner agencies to tackle crime and disorder.
A Crime Alert scheme comprises of one or more of the following crime reduction activities:
  • Data Sharing Agreement with the local Police.
  • Radio network linking businesses together
  • Ringmaster automatic information circulation system
  • Photographs Albums and Intelligence sharing (following completion of a signed agreement)
  • Services of a Crime Reduction Manager
  • Exclusion and banning orders
  • Data Sharing Agreements

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Keeping Your Business Assets Safe

Keeping your business assets safe

Cash is a business asset which is the basic target of every criminal activity. For keeping it safe, asset security strategy and cash management should be developed by the business owners. It is very important to protect business assets whole year and special during the peak crime period. Naturally, cash is the most desirable and easiest approach of criminals, so business owners should find some ways to make themselves less vulnerable to criminal activities. Here are some ways for reducing the risk:

  • Basically, the business assets and cash should be covered by insurance to provide security against robbery and protecting the business from devastating effect.
  • In banks when there are more people around the place, the possibility of burglary is less possible. So don’t be a target which is predictable.
  • Inform the security company while moving large amount of cash from one place to another.
  • One thing more, if you are closing office for holidays then appoint a security guard with guard dogsto keep eyes on everything. Owner can also ask the security company for more frequent visits in his or her absence.
  • Unfortunate but true that many times the theft is by insiders. So, keep changing control access of stock room, consider security tagging of equipment and regularly change security passwords.
  • If the cash loss coverage is for the maximum cash amount of premises at other time of year, then ensure that amount should not exceed during the peak crime season.
  • Make sure that keys and locks are placed in that location where thieves cannot reach easily from a broken window. Specially, if you are closing office for holidays.
  • Owner of the business should participate in the anti-criminal initiatives of community. He can create a network of security that looks for everyone’ safety by sharing information with local community, police, other small businesses and security company.
  • Security alarms can be placed so that in the can of robbery, the manager can inform the police on time and stop the unfortunate incidence.
  • CCTV cameras should be placed in the office for recording footage of whole office to keep a look on who is frequently visiting in office. It also keeps eyes on the staff and stops insider activities.
    • It is very important for every business to ensure security to its assets and for this above stated ways of security can be considered.